Just 30 minutes to make this lightly-sweet Strawberry Chocolate Chip Scone recipe, and win the heart of your littlest Valentines!

Scones walk a wonderful line between comforting sweet treat and elegant indulgence. And if you’ve only ever ordered one from a coffee shop, you’re missing out on the memorable experience of biting into a freshly-baked scone!

These light and delicious scones are studded with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate chips, then drizzled with a sweet glaze that locks in that perfect buttery goodness. As soon as you finish your first scone, you’re going to want a second one, then maybe a third. And your kids are going to have to polish up their negotiating skills, if they want to have a chance at the last scone in the batch.

Brighten up your family’s weekend morning breakfast with these sweet, delicate homemade scones.


strawberry chocolate chip scones freshly made on parchment paper

How to Make This Scone Recipe

Scones might seem complicated to make (after all, you’re used to seeing them behind glass in fancy little coffee shops.) But in truth, you’ll spend little more than 25 minutes turning out these sweet, chocolate-speckled creations.

Basically, the technique for making these scones is not so different from making cookie batter, with one exception. You’ll need to start with very cold butter, and grate it (a cheese grater works perfectly) before adding it to the flour mixture. Keeping the butter intact helps perfect the buttery texture of your scones, so be careful not to over-mix. When you shape your scones, try to avoid handling the dough more than necessary. Less is more, here, which also happens to fit with the cooking MO of most of us busy parents!

strawberry chocolate chip scones with glaze

Homemade Scone Recipe: Let’s Talk Nutrition

Scones may not win any accolades for the most nutrition-packed food you serve your kids. But this recipe, like any recipe for sweet treats, can be a guilt-free part of your family’s fare. Here are four ways these scones fit into your mission to raise healthy kids:

  1. Allowing treats, and letting your kids see you enjoy them without guilt, helps kids develop a healthy attitude toward food.
  2. Including fresh fruits in sweet treats reinforces the lesson that fruits are super yummy, and they always belong.
  3. Offering sweet treats alongside other foods (for example, a scone with dinner) helps kids learn to enjoy fun foods while seeking balance.
  4. Making treats at home in your own kitchen teaches kids that treats can be special and made with love.

So enjoy a homemade scone or two yourself, and tuck one into your kids’ lunchbox this week. Moms and dads, you’re still on track.

strawberry chocolate chip scones

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Strawberry Chocolate Chip Scones | Healthy Ideas and Recipes for Kids

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